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Silent Lucidity  - The Queensryche Tribute Silent Lucidity  - The Queensryche Tribute

Updated 8/17/06....

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Great News! There is another Silent Lucidity Alumni Reunion Show in the works! If you missed it last time, you won't want to miss this one. Everyone is on board again! It is still in the early planning stages, so check back for details, and make sure you sign up for the mailing list. We will update as soon as we have more details.

As far as the current lineup is concerned, we are still togther, and working on hopefully getting back out there soon. Again, check back for updates, and make sure you sign up for the e-mail list, so we can keep you updated!

While Silent Lucidity as a band has not been very busy, each of our members has.
Behind The Mask
Behind the Mask - Music inspired by the Queensryche Album Operation Mindcrime

BTM is an original project inspired by Operaion Mindcrime. Check out the website for details.Behind The Mask

Jet has also been very busy. Jet is usally very busy with various projects, but has been spending a lot of time with CoverGurl. Covergurl features Jessica Robinson as seen on "Rockstar INXS".

For those that aren't aware, chris has always been an avid bowler. Chris has bowled several 300 games, and played in many tournaments. Chris decided to try a Pro tounament. He joined the pro league and finished 4th his first tournament. My last conversation with Chris, he was doing better than he expected.

Lance has recently been married, Cangrats! He is also a school teacher. School is starting again and he moved to a new school. Lance also performs regularly with his other band Frontiers!

Link to Silent Lucidity Photo Album - Click Here

The Mp3's from our Demo CD are back on line! Listen to them here

And the Winner is...........LANCE TUULA!

Silent Lucidity - Lance Tuula

Lance follows the tradition of gifted musicians in Silent Lucidity.
He is diligently working on a LOT of material and should be ready to play his first show with us soon.

Funny story I would like to share with everyone about Lance...............
As some of you may or may not know.....Len, our former guitarist and founding member, left Silent Lucidity last year to join Infinity, a Journey cover band. Lance now joins us coming from "Frontiers" a Journey cover band! Funny how things turn out some times(LOL!).


Visit the New Photo Gallery!

We just started uploading some of the photos, so there is a long way to go.....BUT, if anyone has any photo's they would like to share, all you need to do is register! If you have any photo's from any of our shows, or we even have a section for your Queensryche pictures! Have any pictures with the band, post them for everyone to enjoy.

There is also a section for MP3's and sound files. You can download the Silent Lucidity demo songs, or if you have some "Legal" sound files you want to share, feel free to post them!

You can access photo album here:Silent Lucidity Photo album

We've got a LOT going on! If you thought Silent Lucidity was one of the BEST Queensryche tributes before......."You ain't seen nothin yet!"

The new website is still under construction, so unfortunately you'll need to deal with this condensed version. There is so much happening its hard to find time to finish it.

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